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 OTI post


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發表主題: OTI post   16/3/2009, 16:29

CPH will have TWO new OTI posts in coming April. Please pay attention to the VNC
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文章總數 : 1196
Location : Wembley
注冊日期 : 2007-10-22

發表主題: 回復: OTI post   24/3/2009, 08:24

Jobs Available Search Jobs Home

Job Details

Job Reference: NTWC-AH0903001
Occupational Therapist I (For serving HA staff only) Post Date: 20 Mar 09

Office :

Department of Occupational Therapy, Castle Peak Hospital, New Territories West Cluster

Monthly Salary :

HK$33,520 to HK$50,475 (HGPS Pt. 25 to Pt. 33A)

Allowance :

Please refer to Remarks item 3

Key Responsibilities :

I. Primary Function

To provide occupational therapy services to patients/clients, including assessment, treatment program planning and implementation, related documentation, and communication. To supervise Occupational Therapist IIs, Occupational Therapy Assistants, support staff, students and volunteers. Supervision includes orientation, development and evaluation of personnel and monitoring of quality provision of services. Patient/client care responsibilities will vary depending on the volume of patients and personnel in the special areas to be supervised.

II. Key Result Areas / Job Description

1. Patient Care Process

Perform all patient care process as Occupational Therapist II and handle complicated cases with specialized treatment.

2. Service Planning and Development

a) Assist in the selection and orientation of staff, students and volunteers.

b) Evaluate and monitor job performance of assigned staff.

c) Coordinate and facilitate in-service education and professional development of assigned staff.

d) Coordinate scheduling of work assignments.

e) Implement departmental policies and procedures, identify needs for changes, and assist in development and revision.

f) Assist in identification and development of department goals and objectives.

g) Develop and implement strategies to meet department goals and objectives under supervision of Senior Occupational Therapist or Department Manager (Occupational Therapy).

h) Coordinate and assist in student fieldwork education and basic grade OT attachment in the special areas.

3. Quality and Risk Management

a) Develop, implement, and maintain quality assurance activities (e.g. clinical audits, quality improvement initiatives) and risk management activities within assigned specialty areas.

b) Assist the Senior Occupational Therapist or Department Manager (Occupational Therapy) in ensuring department practice compliance with relevant laws, professional standards and Hospital Authority standards.

4. Knowledge and Skills

a) Demonstrate and monitor professional and ethical conducts in all job-related activities.

b) Communicate, establish rapport, form collaboration and partnership with peers and other disciplines to assure intra-professional and inter-professional teamwork and continuity of patients’/clients’ care.

5. Training and Development

Participate in or organize training and development programs for OT and non-OT professional staff, assistants, supporting staff, volunteers and occupational therapy students.

Requirements :

1. A Master Degree in Occupational Therapy or equivalent.

2. Be registered as an Occupational Therapist in Part I of the Register of the Occupational Therapists under the Supplementary Medical Professions Ordinance.

3. Have a valid Practicing Certificate issued by the Occupational Therapists Board, Hong Kong.

4. Practice as an Occupational Therapist for at least 5 years. Experience should cover at least 2 clinical areas, each with at least 6 months’ experience and have at least 3 years working in one of the two specified clinical areas.

Preferable Attributes / Exposure :

1. Fluency in written English and Chinese as well as spoken English and Cantonese.

2. A post-basic academic or professional qualification.

3. Communication skill.

4. Empathy.

5. Commitment to patient care.

6. Leadership.

7. Interpersonal skills.

Remarks :

1. Applicants are required to submit an action plan of the following topic of not more than 1,000 words on or before deadline:

(a) How to work effectively as a Case Manager in the multidisciplinary team?


(b) Future Occupational Therapy Service Development in the subspecialty of Substance Abuse.

2. The selected candidate will be offered either contract or fixed term appointment for up to 3 years depending on his/ her existing employment terms. Serving contract employee will be offered contract employment with an up to 15% total basic salary end-of-contract gratuity (after deducting the contribution of Mandatory Provident Fund by Hospital Authority), subject to satisfactory completion of contract. Serving permanent employee will be offered a fixed term appointment after which the employee may be reverted back to his/her former substantive rank.

3. The offer of salary and allowance (Cash Allowance, Fixed-flexi Allowance or Monthly Allowance) for serving employees upon changes in appointment will be determined based on the remuneration package/employment terms of the staff concerned and prevailing policies.

4. May be required to work irregular hours.

5. Staff in the Occupational Therapist grade who are on civil service terms will, if selected, be appointed under the Shadow Promotion Scheme.

6. The Cluster supports staff career development and treasures staff's career aspiration. Job rotation, on-the-job training and continuous professional development program would be designed for the selected candidate.

Please submit application on-line on or before 3 April 2009. For enquires, please telephone 2468 5948.

Education Level Master
Job Function Allied Health Services
Job Location New Territories West Cluster-Castle Peak & Siu Lam Hospital
Job Type Full Time


Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement
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發表主題: 回復: OTI post   25/3/2009, 18:11

咦, 又玩case manager???Colin大哥, 係咪有兩個位? 有冇多啲料?
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OTI post

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